Tips for Designing a Small Business Website


You should make sure that your phone number is displayed clearly on top and bottom of all pages since visitors should be able to contact you. You should also put your email address, and if possible, your business address at the bottom bar of each page.  You should also create a page where all your contact information is accessible, including a map, direction, operating hours, and put a place where visitors can also fill out their personal information.


You should not use animated graphics and smiley faces in your website since you want to achieve a professional look to reflect your brand. Choose the same colors as that which you use in your logo. One or two font sizes should be used consistently throughout the site. All your graphics and photos should look professional and they should complement one another. The rule is to make it simple, when in doubt.


The navigation buttons or tabs in each page should be consistent. You should facilitate navigation by means of the F-shaped reading pattern with the use of links, buttons or tabs positioned on the top of left part of the page. You should also limit primary navigation up to eight tabs; five being the ideal number. Make sure clickable elements are consistent when it comes to font, size, and style. You should also add a header and footer on every page for information and key links. You should also include a progress tracker near the top of every page. Visitors will have an easy time to backtrack if they see this:  Home>Catalog>Product !. Visit this website at and know more about web design.


The top stories of a newspaper can be seen o the first half of the page, which is referred to as 'above the fold', which can also be applied to your website. It has been reported that 80% of visitors will not go over the entire page of a site therefore the most important information should be found close to the top, click here for more info!


You should also put your business name and log in a spot that people can easily notice. You can also use a powerful headline or tagline to highlight the things you do. You can add special offers to attract more visitors.  You can also add special offers to attract more visitors. You can also outline you services or products with the help of visuals and men bar



Once they land on your homepage here, visitors should know what to do. This is the call to action part and in this part you need to include your contact details, a form to be filled out and perhaps an option to download information. Remember that while 'above the fold' is a moving target because of increasing use of mobile devices, it is still essential in web design.